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Teach it Forward Europe
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Teach it Forward

A lot of European local rural regions suffer from unemployment, low level of education, economic and financial difficulties of SME companies, obsolescence of certain skills, marginalised territories and people, globalisation and disappearance of traditions, pollution and waste, low entrepreneurial capacity, difficulty in recognizing possessed and not validated skills, difficulties in matching job demand and supply. Also there is a demand for VET schools and educators to introduce innovation in their training offerings, adapting it to continuous changes in the job market.

TEACH IT FORWARD aims to achieve the following objectives:
  • Creating employment opportunities for people living in rural and remote areas that are facing socio-economic difficulties by offering work-based learning aligned to evolving jobs;
  • Creating awareness of the importance of eco sustainable production- and commercial activities;
  • Fostering digital innovation in traditional crafts;
  • Increasing opportunities of growth for small local artisan business;
  • Enhancing socio-economic development of rural and remote areas;
  • Increasing VET skills for an effective and efficient training offer;
  • Training VET teachers and trainers to add new technologies to their courses;
  • Facilitating recognition and accreditation of learning outcomes;
  • Enhancing the citizens’ understanding of the EU and fostering a sense of belonging to it;
  • Supporting social and intercultural competences;
  • Promoting foreign language learning.

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